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"The Wonk Who Slayed Washington"

He’s Back…Peter Schweizer Exposes the Underground Economy of Washington, DC… And it’s much worse than you imagined.
Peter's new book – Featured in Bombshell 60 Minutes Report – Flips conventional wisdom on who is bribing whom in DC.
Extortion…bribery…racketeering… and it’s all legal on Capitol Hill for the nation’s political clas…unscrupulous activity that would land average Americans in jail.


In his explosive new book, EXTORTION, the New York Times best-selling author Peter Schweizer exposes never-before-reported examples of blatant extortion tactics – bold even by Mafia standards – that would send any normal citizen to prison.





For additional information or to arrange an interview with Peter Schweizer, please contact:


Taryn Roeder, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, (617) 351-3818
Sandy Schulz, MNS Publicity, (202) 244-1460
Kathleen Sweetapple, MNS Publicity, (202) 355-5817

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